Driver and passenger door locking Burglar protection Ducato 8 from MY 2022 onwards

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Version 3

Complete set for driver and passenger door!

suitable for MY 2022

-Fiat Ducato 8

Since there are now 3 different versions of the door panel and it cannot always be determined by the year of manufacture, please use the FAQs:

Which door locks do I need for my vehicle?

The plates are made of stainless steel sheet.

After loosening the Torx screw, the small plate is screwed back onto the door shelf together with the door shelf. The carabiner is hooked onto this plate and the other end is hooked onto the spacer sleeve of the belt fastening in seconds if required.

It takes about 5 minutes.

Everything can be dismantled without a trace if the vehicle is sold/leased back...

Scope of delivery:

Complete set for both front doors consisting of:

- 2 brackets for door shelf

- 2 chains with webbing, 2 snap hooks and 2 quick release plates

- 2 adhesive pads for fixing

- Installation instructions