Do I need the PrickStop sheet on all doors?

No. The PrickStop sheet is only required on doors that also have a locking cylinder installed.

Usually this is just the driver's door.

Some vehicles still have a locking cylinder in the rear door.

There is an adapted PrickStop for this. Link to the rear PrickStop

Can I pick up the items I ordered or have them installed directly?

No. Unfortunately, this is not possible as we are a purely online retailer. However, you are welcome to purchase the items from one of our installation partners and have them installed after consultation.

Which door locks do I need for my vehicle?

Thanks to the Stellantis merger, there are now a total of 6 other vehicle manufacturers that use the Ducato body.

Since it is difficult to assign the correct door locks based on the year of manufacture, please take a look at the 3 different door panels.

The images are linked. Simply click on it and you will be directed to the appropriate article.