Filler neck for water tank with hose coupling on both sides

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Suitable for the following water filler necks: Brunner Campingartikel water filler neck 40 mm inner diameter, 300/300 and similar, Safe-Tec STS water filler neck 40/100 mm, Fawo HSC-System filler neck for water, 40mm.

So far successfully used on: Concorde Charisma 940l, Dethleffs Globetrotter, Carado T447, Wilk Stern 450, Fendt, Sunlight T68 and T58, Westfalia Nugget, Roller Team panel van, Livingstone Duo, Bürstner, Carado T447, Itineo SB 740, Miller, Globecar Globescout, Knaus Boxstar Freeway, Weinsberg, Eura Mobi, RoadCar, Pössl etc...

Please compare your fuel filler neck with the one shown before you buy. The inner diameter (with the 3 lugs) of the tank cap is 65mm. The outer diameter of the cap is approx. 78mm.

Please note the pictures.

No more annoying fixing of the filling hose necessary.

After finishing the filling process, the connections of the water hose are plugged onto the integrated double coupling - the tank hose is closed and no residual water can flow into your vehicle.

Compact and lightweight water tank cap with connection suitable for the Gardena system with integrated plug double coupling for convenient, safe and hygienic filling of your fresh water tank.


- Material: polylactide bio-plastic

- Integrated overflow/pressure equalisation openings

- Fits all Gardena and identical systems

Scope of delivery:

-1 filler neck